Galantine’s Day at The Chateau

What is Galantine’s Day?

February 14 means something different to everyone. Once reserved exclusively for romantic lovers, Valentine’s Day has evolved to include a celebration of platonic love and devotion between friends. Galantine’s Day is celebrated on February 13 and encourages (traditionally) female friends to get together to celebrate their friendship and connection.

When did Galantine’s Day begin?

Created by fictional character, Lesley Knope, of the show “Parks and Recreation”, Galantine’s Day saw her gathering friends together for a morning of “Ladies celebrating ladies”. What a wonderful idea! The unofficial celebration has been adopted by many womenfolk worldwide to share a special day with friends.

Why we love Galantine’s Day

While there is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, both men and women can feel left out or alone on February 14 if they don’t have a romantic partner to share the day with. Galantine’s Day takes the emphasis off being coupled, and instead encourages groups or pairs of close friends to spend quality time together, enjoying a fun filled day of platonic love.

Having Galantine’s Day on February 13 means that coupled folks can still celebrate their partnership or new romance with an intimate occasion devoted exclusively to each other. No one misses out on love with a Galantine’s/Valentine’s celebration. It’s win/win!

Ways to celebrate your friendships

The options for celebrating Galantine’s Day are endless. The only limit is your imagination. The most important thing to ensure is that everyone involved is on board with your plans, so you all have a good time.

While you could do something wild and adventurous, an intimate experience is more in line with quality time and expressions of love. Share a delicious meal with a group of your closest friends in a beautiful setting or come together for a creative workshop that encourages lots of laughs and encouragement.

Celebrating with friends at Chateau Nesbit

Chateau Nesbit is perfectly suited to a Galantine’s Day celebration. Our stunning venue offers a variety of locations for you to share a special day with your nearest and dearest. Make it a fabulous affair and treat yourselves to an unforgettable event that you will cherish for years to come.

You can choose to dine in style either in the outdoor courtyard or indoor dining room. An evening celebration is particularly stunning under the festoon lights and vintage chandelier of the courtyard, or come together for an intimate and formal event in the dining room.

Celebrate Galantine’s Day in style at Chateau Nesbit

Arrange for a chef to use the commercial kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for you to share or engage the expertise of a cooking school to create a fun and interactive class for you and your gal pals to enjoy.

You are welcome to invite creatives onto the property for a craft workshop or other interactive activity that will bring you together as a group for a memorable celebration. Think life drawing, succulent planting, jewellery making, or floral design. Creative workshops will help you feel inspired, connect you to your friends, and encourage lots of love and laughter.

Once again, the only limit is your imagination. We invite you to come and explore the Chateau and imagine celebrating Galantine’s Day with the true loves of your life. Discover what’s on offer at Chateau Nesbit with our exclusive packages.

Create a Beautiful Galantine’s Day Celebration at The Chateau