Small Wedding Ideas

A small wedding can be a blessing in disguise. The pandemic has forced us to reconsider larger weddings and events, opting instead for intimate affairs with our nearest and dearest. This has resulted in luxurious celebrations with couples able to choose high end vendors and details.

Quality over quantity is key when it comes to small weddings. Not only when it comes to vendors, but also the guest list. A wedding under 50 people is considered small, with elopements even more intimate. It’s completely feasible and acceptable to have a small wedding with less than ten guests.

There are so many benefits to hosting a small wedding, from finding a beautiful venue to indulging in luxe details and extras. A cosy and personal affair means you get to engage with your guests more intimately, creating a more meaningful and memorable wedding.

Enjoy our recommendations for small wedding ideas and considerations and see how you can incorporate them into your unique celebration.


Modern day elopements have evolved from secret getaways with your love, to private celebrations with just your nearest and dearest. Usually limited to 20 guests, an elopement is usually kept quiet before the event so that you can enjoy an intimate affair without all the fuss of a large wedding party or guest list.  

Quality takes priority over quantity with modern elopements, with couples treating their guests to finer dining options and high-end details. A small-scale celebration means that even if you choose premium vendors, your costs are still much lower than hosting a larger event.

Indulge in premium catering, decoration and other vendors for your small wedding
Splurge on high end vendors for a memorable wedding or elopement

Make a weekend of it

 A smaller guest list means you can make a whole weekend out of your celebration without too much stress. Organise to all stay at the same hotel or property so you can easily catch up with loved ones for breakfast, dinner, or a cocktail by the pool. Interacting with your guests over the course of a few days will create wonderful memories for all involved.

Staying together means you can break the ice before your special day so that everyone feels relaxed and comfortable with one another, encouraging a more sociable event. Guests love to feel included, so inviting them to stay in the same location as you will make them feel welcome and extra special.  

Crowd participation

A smaller group allows guests to be more involved in the occasion. You’ll find that your closest friends and family will want to participate in your celebration by sharing their thoughts and stories through informal speeches and toasts.

Ceremony and reception in the same place

Having your wedding ceremony and reception in the same place takes the hassle out of moving your guests or experiencing too much downtime. An intimate group of guests will love the option to mingle and socialise without interruption, keeping the flow from formalities to party time.

A smaller wedding gives you more options for unique and beautiful venues to host your guests. Finding a space like Chateau Nesbit for both your ceremony and reception is ideal for smaller groups and intimate celebrations.

Host your small wedding ceremony and reception at the same venue
Host your ceremony and reception at the same venue


Splurge on professional entertainment for your small wedding. Singers and musicians will set a magical tone from the ceremony through to your reception. Be sure to choose artists you feel comfortable with as they will feel like part of your exclusive group.

Lounge area

Dedicate a space at your venue for a relaxing lounge area. Offer guests a place to convene for a little downtime away from the festivities. A smaller guest list will ensure that this area is not overcrowded and used appropriately.

Create a relaxing lounge area at your small wedding reception
Create a relaxing lounge area at your small wedding reception

It’s your day

However you choose to celebrate your big day, considering what is truly important to you and your partner is paramount. If your heart is set on an elopement or small wedding, be sure to honour your wishes and don’t allow outside influences to sway you otherwise. Your special day will leave lasting memories, so create the wedding of your dreams and enjoy every moment.